Brian Kentucky




"LNC STAT and Veronica changed my life this year! A while back, I received a DVD in the mail from another Legal Nurse Consulting course. After watching it, I thought this sounds great! But the more that I researched the various course offerings the more I realized that this was going to cost a lot of money. I phoned or wrote emails to anyone that was listed for the courses. My questions were how long did it take to get their first job, and did they get any more afterwards? Everyone that I spoke with was very honest, and shared frustrations of not getting much work. After a lot more online research, I found RN MARKET which was offering a course called LNC STAT. I phoned the office and left a message requesting to speak with someone. Later when my phone rang, I was shocked that not only was a representative from RN MARKET and LNC STAT returning my call, but the caller was none other than Veronica, the owner of RN MARKET herself! Needless to say, I did order the LNC STAT Home Study course, and during the first few days in reviewing the course I received my first two cases! I was so excited that I phoned Veronica, and interrupted one of her LNC STAT classes with my enthusiasm! I completed those cases, and continue to obtain cases without much effort. The attorney calls that I get say that they got my name from an attorney whom I worked with previously. Having worked as an ICU/CCU and ER nurse for over 14 years, as well as having taught college, Legal Nurse Consulting provides me a different arena in which to provide my nursing knowledge. Right now, in some form or fashion I work almost daily to move my Legal Nurse Consulting business forward which includes working weekends. The remarkable thing is that I still have time for my family.I still phone Veronica on a regular basis to let her know about my cases. She is the constant cheerleader always telling me to "go get 'em!"