Mary Ellen Florida




"I am so glad that I attended your ALNC certification program. I was and still am disabled from an accident three years ago. Although physically a struggle, I was able to complete your course. I am so excited to tell you about my first case. It was a very intensive project. This case paid for the entire cost of your program, and I still had enough left over to buy a set of earrings. All in 48 hours!I can’t express how much your program has done for me, it literally changed my life. Your books go with me everywhere. “The Legal Nurse Marketing Handbook and Report Writing and Case Analysis” are my bibles. Without them I never could have done a thorough and complete report on the case. In fact, my husband had to mail them to me overnight to Boston. The best part of this story is that I was hired for this case while I was in a Boston Hospital, all because my Web site caught their eye. I couldn't believe that I could be hired while recovering from multiple procedures. Due to continual adherence to all your programs, and books, I was able to present a professional, thorough, and substantiated report. The attorney was extremely pleased with the content and format of my work.The entire RN Market package, and your one-on-one approach to learning, made it happen for me. I never hesitate to call your office and ask for help from your outstanding and patient staff. My Web site is amazing, and very personal to me, your staff did that for me. Now, I feel like I can take on whatever comes my way. The ALNC way.Thank you Veronica, for your knowledge and support at all times. I have, and will continue to recommend LNC STAT to all my RN friends and acquaintances. You and your LNC STAT program changed my life. I thank you and your professional staff for all you do. With best wishes to you all."