Lissy & Sandy Kentucky




"My business partner and I had been doing basic chart organization, with accompanying timelines and summaries for about 7 years, and decided to make it a "real" business. In the course of our business development, we reached the decision that to achieve credibility we needed to take a Legal Nurse Consultant course. We attended the LNC STAT seminar in August in Las Vegas, Nevada. The information we gleaned from the seminar is so valuable. We came back raring to go, and actually had received a call for a case while we were in line at the airport. When we got home and started the case, we excitedly used the software that we purchased at the LNC STAT Seminar, Smartdraw Legal Solution, and used tables from the Software CD Templates that came with the program, and we WOWed the attorney so much that he not only paid immediately, but has already contacted us for another case. We have become part of a Legal Nurse Consulting network that gives us tremendous support, and we are on our way to making this dream of a big business a reality."