The primary mission of the Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC), and Expert of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLS) is to provide high quality services to organizations in need of medical records review, interpretation, or analysis that meet the standards enforced by the LNI Institute, Inc. Certified ALNCs and EMLSs offer services for plaintiff as well as defense clients and can locate and/or act as testifying experts. The defining feature of the certified LNA, ALNC, and EMLS is the rigorous hands-on training achieved while meeting the live case training requirements of the course. In addition to passing the certification exam, each student is required to complete all homework, casework and presentations and meet the standards set forth by the LNI Institute, Inc in this Standards of Practice Declaration.

The Purpose of this Standards of Practice Declaration

Professional ethics and quality of work are at the core of the Legal Nurse Associate (LNA), Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC), and Expert of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLS) Certifications. The Certification Holder has an obligation to adhere to basic values, ethical principles, and ethical standards set forth by LNI Institute, Inc. The Standards of Practice sets forth these values, principles, and standards to guide Certification Holders' conduct and quality of work. This Standards of Practice Declaration is relevant to all Certification Holders and students, regardless of their professional functions, the settings in which they work, or the clients to which they provide services.

Standards of Practice Principles

Certification Holders must meet or exceed the requirements listed herein in order for their certification to be valid.

1) The Roles of a certifed Legal Nurse Associate (LNA), Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant, or Expert of Medical Legal Specialties include:

2) Behavior

3) Responsibilities to the Client

4) Responsibilities to Colleagues

5) Certification Requirements

6) Complaints Against Certification Holders

By utilizing the LNA, ALNC, or EMLS credential and certification, you agree to the policies and standards discussed herein.