Exhibitor Set for  Advanced Legal Nurse Consultants

Exhibit at Attorney Conferences

The Easy Way to Launch Your Legal Nurse Business

100% Effective

Everyone who has exhibited using this set has received at least one case!

What's Included

  • Conference Display
    This durable display expands to stand nearly 7 feet tall and retracts into its metal case to become ultra portable.
  • Custom Display Design
    An eye-catching and impressive design for your conference display.
  • Automated PowerPoint Presentation
    A 10-paged PowerPoint presentation that will loop automatically so that it may be displayed on your conference table without supervision.
  • 150 Hand-Out Sets
    Hand these out to everyone who visits your booth. Includes 250 of your Intro page, Services page, large envelope and labels with your logo.
  • 50 Interview Sets
    Hand these out to those you speak with a while who can benefit from additional information.
  • 250 Business Cards
    Sit these on your table so that those passing by can grab them quickly.
  • Exhibiting Instructions and Tips
    Before you exhibit, be sure to follow the steps in the instructions to ensure that you get the most out of the opportunity.

Exhibiting at attorney conferences can be a lot of fun and has proven to be very effective for Advanced Legal Nurse Consultants and Experts of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLS). While exhibiting at a conference, the roles are reversed with attorneys. Instead of pursuing them at their office to discuss what you have to offer, most conference attendees will visit the exhibitors' area of the conference and will want to know what you have to offer. This creates a very advantageous situation for you. However, the main downfall to exhibiting at attorney conferences is the up front cost. You will have to pay for your exhibitor space, your booth exhibit, and any advertising you plan on doing. This package helps you save money on your booth exhibit. This package is only available with the Ultimate Marketing Tool Kit.

How Many Hand-Outs Do You Need?

You should have one hand-out for each conference attendee. Contact the conference representative for an estimate of the number of attendees they expect. Extra copies of the included hand-out sets can be purchased at a bulk rate.