6 Nursing Realities that Joy Behar and The View May Never Understand

Whose Stethoscope Was it Again? - Joy Behar - The View
It was the joke that nobody laughed at. It surfaced a topic that harbored mountains of hidden tension and bitterness amongst the nursing community. If you missed it, the girls on The View TV Show thought it would be funny to have a rather mean-spirited discussion that mocked the contestants of the Miss America pageant. Things got worse when they moved on to ridicule Miss Colorado for choosing nursing as her talent. She appeared in her nursing scrubs and stethoscope to give a passionate insight into her work with an Alzheimer's patient. As the group's discussion begins to insinuate that nursing is not a talent, Joy Behar chimes in and asks, "Why is she wearing a doctor's stethoscope." That single comment started a firestorm of backlash from the nursing community. Hundreds of thousands of nurses have taken to Twitter and Instagram to show their disgust with the show and to make it clear that they have lost a big chunk of viewers.

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Since Joy and the rest of The View girls have obviously been watching too much "Grey's Anatomy" and "House", they are clueless about what nurses do. Here are 6 more nursing realities that they most likely don't understand.

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1) Nursing is Much Harder than Being a TV Star
Some may consider it grueling to talk for a living, employ writers to tell you what to say, and have assistants scramble upon your every need, but it is nowhere near as tough as nursing can be. We have never heard of TV stars having to walk away from a patient that they were unable to resuscitate while being covered in that person's bodily fluids. Then, have to change scrubs and walk into the next patient's room while showing compassion for their needs. The nursing profession is very physically and emotionally demanding, much more than any demands endured by some girls who get to gossip on TV at the expense of others.

2) Nurses Will Probably Save their Lives One Day
There will most likely come a time when Joy Behar and the ladies of The View will need the help of a nurse. When that day comes, maybe they will get to see first-hand what a nurse does, and how they use their stethoscope. In reality, when the nurse is busy saving her life, Joy will most likely not care if the nurse is wearing a stethoscope or what they are doing with it. Let's just hope that when that day comes, the nurses don't remember what she said.

3) Nurses are Heroes Without the Proper Recognition
Joy Behar hit a huge nerve with her simple clueless comment, but she will probably never understand why. The firestorm that resulted is not just a reaction to the comments, it's a reaction to society and the way it thinks about nurses. Many people, especially those like Joy Behar, would not be able to sacrifice themselves and save as many lives as nurses do, without receiving adequate appreciation. While people like Joy and her crew on The View seek to be the center of attention, nurses continue to make a much bigger difference in this world even though they usually do not receive the recognition they deserve.

4) Nurses Matter Way More than Joy Behar and The View
What difference do the people of The View really make in this world? The fact of the matter is that it doesn't matter what Joy Behar and her crew said. If they disappeared tomorrow, they may be missed by a few, but they would soon be forgotten. If nurses disappeared, many would die and society as we know it would probably collapse.

5) Nurses are the Backbone of the Medical Industry
The reality of the medical industry is that doctors and nurses are equally necessary, even though most TV shows depict it differently. The majority of doctors would agree that they would be nowhere without their nurses. When something goes wrong, the nurse is usually the first one to respond. As demonstrated by Joy Behar, most people have no idea how many roles nurses have during the medical care process.

6) Nurses Use Stethoscopes More than Doctors
In most scenarios, nurses assess the situation before the doctor even knows that the patient is there. Outside of diagnosing the flu in the doctor's office, doctors rarely need to use a stethoscope because a nurse has already done it for them.

While Joy Behar and The View crew may find it ridiculous that so many were offended by their comments, they may still have no clue as to why it happened in the first place. The viewpoint of the millions of hard-working nurses is something that does not get a lot of attention. Looking past the topic of nurses vs. doctors, why was ridicule of the Miss America pageant necessary in the first place? Why is it necessary to mock people and be so negative? Is spreading hate towards others on a national stage really what our society needs right now? This is just another example of what happens when uneducated people become famous.

The insults were not just jokes. These insults on nurses just happened to float to the top of the pile of other intentional insults that the girls dished out. At this point, Joy Behar and The View infuriated a community of 3.5 million nurses. It may be a good idea for them to save face, apologize continuously, and show some accountability for what came out of their mouth.

Don't mess with our nurses Joy Behar! You and your friends will need their help one day! We have heard their overwhelming response to your comments and back them 100%.

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