Preview Your Life as an ALNC

Preview the ALNC Lifestyle

If you have been thinking about this career option, you probably have some reservations, you may be lacking the confidence in your ability, and it all may seem too good to be true. Just know that it is a great career choice if you have the right training, like that offered by LNC STAT. Continue reading for a preview of what it can be like to dramatically transform your life and career for the better.

Say goodbye to dangerous and stressful working conditions
It isnít fair that Nurses must endure hazardous and unfair working conditions after dedicating themselves to the needs of others. Why put yourself in harmís way for organizations that donít appreciate you. The ALNC certification is your ticket to safer and more flexible working conditions where you can finally put yourself and your family first.

Review and interpret medical records in legal cases
Your medial expertise can offer great value to any case involving medical records. You can work with law firms, insurance companies, managed care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and more. Provide valuable analysis and interpretation for those who donít understand the medical jargon.

Earn $125-$300 per hour
ALNCs typically earn $125-$150 per hour to consult, and $200-$300 per hour if you desire to work as an expert witness. Your medical expertise will be worth every penny for your clients.

Access the most comprehensive and effective training in the Legal Nurse field.
Become Certified as an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC)

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Receive more respect for your expertise
Your medical expertise is very valuable in the legal field. You just have to learn how to put it to work in that arena. Disrespectful doctors and administrators are a thing of the past when you work as an ALNC.

Work remotely with paperless methods
Why limit yourself to the attorneys in your immediate area when you can work nationwide? Learn how to review paperless medical records, create impressive paperless reports, and easily send the final report to your client, without ever having to leave your home.

Decide how much you want to work
Your ALNC practice can be used for full time or supplemental income. Since you are working independently in your own practice, you decide exactly how much you want to work.

Market yourself using proven and effective techniques
Learn exactly how to find and secure cases using our step-by-step marketing process. You decide how much you market and how many cases you take on at a time.

Build your confidence as a business professional and medical expert
Once you see how valuable your medical expertise is, and what a valuable role you can play in the legal team, your confidence will skyrocket. The transition from order-taking nurse to decision-making expert will be easier than you think. What may have been intimidating when you first started will become second nature.

Meet with clients at your leisure
Set up meetings with clients so you can discuss cases. Conduct meetings over lunch or coffee, at their office, or over the phone, and impress your client with your medical expertise. Once they see know knowledgeable you are, you will become integral to the legal team.

Access the most comprehensive and effective training in the Legal Nurse field.
Become Certified as an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC)

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Set your own schedule
You control your schedule and you decide when you will be available to work.
Stop missing family obligations, take a break when you want, go on a vacation when you wish, and stop missing holidays with your family. You make the decision when you will be working.

Work from home and have the freedom to dedicate more time to your family
With its extreme flexibility, your ALNC Certification allows you to work from home and on your terms, allowing you to be more available for your family. Work your schedule around your family so you have the time to attend to their needs and enjoy quality time with them.

Enjoy the satisfaction of continuing your patient advocacy
Most Nurses choose their career because of their desire to help others in need. Even after you can no longer work as a hands-on nurse, your ALNC career allows you to continue helping people. As an ALNC, your expertise can help offer higher quality legal representation to those who have suffered injuries or malpractice.

Make your ALNC career a long term option
Since you have the option to work full time or part time, and there are no physical requirements, you can rely on your ALNC practice throughout your entire Nursing career, and even after you retire.

Get help when you need
As an ALNC, you get unlimited mentoring. Just call whenever you need help during the certification process, after you are certified, while youíre trying to get cases, or while you are working on cases.

Stop finding reasons to delay your Legal Nurse career. Nurses everywhere are living this unbelievable lifestyle. You can too! The ALNC Certification by LNC STAT will give you all the training and tools you need to make this amazing lifestyle a reality. All you have to do is follow the ALNC system.

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Access the most comprehensive and effective training in the Legal Nurse field.
Become Certified as an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC)

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