The Scary Truth Behind Many Legal Nurse Training Programs

The Scary Truth Behind Legal Nurse Training Programs

There are many important factors to consider when deciding which organization will provide you with training to become a Legal Nurse Consultant. When most Nurses are ready to begin the transition, they typically compare the benefits of each organization. Which one is the biggest? Which one claims to have started Legal Nurse Consulting? Which ones claims to be nationally accredited? Which ones have been around the longest? Which ones have the most graduates and members? Which ones are taught by attorneys or doctors? Which universities offer a program? How quickly can you get certified? How do you complete the training?

When comparing courses, many of the questions you may be asking are probably the wrong questions.

In reality, none of those questions matter. None of them will directly determine if you will be able to find Legal Nurse success. It doesnít matter what you want in a course. It matters what works when practicing as a Legal Nurse. When it comes to choosing a Legal Nurse Consulting program there is only one main thing to consider: Will you gain the skills and knowledge necessary for you to be able to begin securing cases and making money as a Legal Nurse Consultant? If the course you choose cannot offer you that, then you will have wasted valuable time and money on training that didnít give you what you need to earn a living as a Legal Nurse.

The scary truth is that most nurses who complete other Legal Nurse courses never even get their first case becasue they didn't get access to the right training and tools.

The dirty secret that most Legal Nurse programs donít want you to know is that a large majority of their graduates never even get their first case. This isnít because the market is saturated, because there isnít a demand, or because their graduates didnít put forth an effort. Itís because those Legal Nurses did not receive proper training that is current and effective. They did not receive the help they needed during and after the training process. They learn the hard way that they made the wrong choice to begin with.

It is not the Nurseís fault. There is a lot of initial information to sort through when comparing. There is intentional confusion and many misconceptions. The unfortunate part is that these programs can be rather expensive, and many of these Nurses are spending much of their savings, only to find out that it was a waste. In most cases, the Nurseís budget is limited and they only get one chance to become a Legal Nurse, only to be let down by their training program.

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While some organizations make fantastic promises and proclaim themselves above the rest, very few actually follow through when it comes time for their graduate to get cases. Just because a Legal Nurse program has been around for a very long time or has the most graduates, does not mean itís your best choice.

Legal Nurse Consulting is still an excellent career choice, you just have to learn the trade secrets that will allow you to make the transition effectively.

Choose the course that focuses on the number of its graduates who get cases, not the number of certifications it can sell. Choose the one that takes the personal approach and teaches you hands-on. Choose the course with unlimited mentoring so you can ask questions at any time without extra fees. Choose the course where the creator actually uses what she is teaching you, so you know it is current and effective. Make your choice easy and choose LNC STAT.

LNC STAT is the solution to these problems. It has the most comprehensive curriculum, unlimited mentoring, and a 95% success rate.

The first case is a big milestone for Legal Nurses since many cannot reach that point using other programs. An estimated 95% of LNC STATís Advanced Legal Nurse Consultants (ALNCs) and Experts of Medical Legal Specialties (EMLSs) secure at their case after following the LNC STAT recommendations putting their training to work. No other Legal Nurse Consulting program is as advanced and can come close to the LNC STAT success rate. Donít risk your money on outdated, inadequate, and ineffective training. If you want to find long-term Legal Nurse success, LNC STAT has everything you need.

Access the most comprehensive and effective training in the Legal Nurse field.
Become Certified as an Advanced Legal Nurse Consultant (ALNC)

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